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What we can do?

Elhendy furniture a gallery integrated furniture - we have a set of workshops under our management to implement all of our products - Each workshop like a small factory in every specialization:

For example:

  • Workshops for carpentry work.
  • Workshops for wood moulding and carving wood.
  • Workshops are equipped with a very special work of modern paints and gilding work rooms... And gilding all kinds of furniture using the latest new and thoughtful and sophisticated styles to suit every piece of furniture.

With the participation of the largest touches engineers and specialists - and implement distinctive factor that career staff, engaged fathers and grandfathers in Damietta... Which represents the first and unique furniture product on the Middle East and the Arab world level... And rival European markets.

In the end, we show you these products in our booth, consisting in Our Gallery of ten floors of furniture, a distinguished (Elhendy Furniture)

Handmade Products

Elhendy Furniture a strong brand in handmade furniture industry skillfully good manufacturer that appear in our diverse high quality of our choice seemed of a piece of wood used to final finishing through the design center to choose the best items produced Home furniture people loves it, We must always be the expectations of all our customers to stay on the strength of pieces of furniture in their homes with high taste and high durability.

Manufacturing experience within Elhendy Company for furniture make us proud of what we do and is increasing day after day when happy customers "clients" Since we are giving them pieces of wooden furniture in their homes and their homes, Elhendy Company for furniture based in the manufacturing stages for skilled workers with expertise in the home furniture industry, up manufacturing stages, which are manually to 70% at the hands of an integrated team of different experiences in the pits on the diverse natural wood and also in carpentry and the rest of the business is complementary to the making of distinctive furniture also loves our customers rate.

You can count on us

Elhendy Furniture

Home comfort and confidence, starting in the contemporary home furnishing to of modern lifestyle while maintaining the heritage we have gained from our ancestors in the industry have made it much more difficult to produce and implement a piece of valuable furniture modern touch has become for us the challenge at the same time to create furniture and related accessories to show the elegance.

To own a piece of handmade furniture should be thinking about how to find it for that this site was created to meet the needs of customers, etc. We have not only experience in the furniture industry, but also having the skills needed to develop the style of work, as well as innovation in this area.

Our company is characterized in the manufacture and production of bedrooms acetylcholine rooms trip Modern and saloons luxury sizes and finishing is different, and the company has production lines, especially to meet the needs of customers in the production and manufacture of models desired by the client whether it's full finishing up or not finished, and the client can request amounts would like to specially manufactured the requirements and we shipped, delivered and installed to the client.

We are a producer of furniture

We producer of furniture - and all the furniture that is our Egyptian production, however, the manufacturer of Damietta skilled

We producer of furniture - and all the furniture that is our Egyptian production, however, the manufacturer of Damietta skilled
All wood timber from the finest imported species. You buy from the first hand.

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